• DIY Table Centrepiece

    DIY Table Centrepiece


    DIY Table Centrepiece

    Let’s say you’ve got guests coming in a hour and you want to add some interest to your dining table. I’m guessing that you most likely would have some glass jars, scraps of fabric, and ribbon lying around your house, but you may never have thought that you could DIY your own table centrepiece. Well, let me show you how in just a few simple steps. What I love about this DIY table centrepiece is that you can vary the flowers, fabric, and ribbon to match any occasion. So feel free to use it for weddings, bridal showers, or just a casual dinner.

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    Step 1: Cut a length of fabric slightly longer than the circumference of your glass jar or tumbler so that it overlaps when you wrap it around. Fold any raw edges inwards and use some double sided tape to secure it to your glass container. (Tip: I actually used an iron to create crisp edges by folding in the raw edges of fabric and then ironing them flat)

    Step 2: Then tie some ribbon around the middle of the fabric.


    Step 3: Add flowers and some water. Then arrange your centrepiece on a wooden slice (or you can use a tray if you prefer). Thats it!



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    DIY table centrepiece



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