• How to decorate above kitchen cabinets

    How to decorate above kitchen cabinets



    How to decorate above kitchen cabinets



    After I finished decorating my flat last year I’ve been itching for a new interior design project. I have no idea how the space above my kitchen cabinets escaped me, but one day I just kept staring at it and realised how boring it looked. Kitchens are functional spaces but they should also be beautiful. So, I put some ideas together, did a bit of shopping, and my kitchen was transformed into a space that I feel proud of. I actually catch myself smiling these days when I walk into my kitchen, and this is the type of reaction a well designed space should evoke. Let me talk you through some tips on how to decorate above kitchen cabinets:

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    • Use boxes: I found some cute striped canvas boxes from The Range and they are perfect for hiding away clutter that can make a space look messy. I recommend getting storage boxes in colours that match the rest of your decor so that your colour scheme is cohesive (I have a lot of grey in my living/dining space so these boxes were perfect). You can also use wicker baskets for a more neutral look. Oh, and make sure that you measure the space above your kitchen cabinets first, so that you buy the right size of boxes. You want to ensure that the boxes allow you to safely open the kitchen cupboards below them.


    • Add large kitchen items: the space above kitchen cabinets is perfect to store items that don’t fit anywhere else or to display items that you are proud of. (e.g., vases, pots, crockery, or appliances). I decided to display my chalkboard trays which I made last week beside my storage boxes (click here to learn how to make these trays). I mounted the trays on plate stands which I bought from Amazon for more stability (click here for the link).



    Decorative items


    • Add plants: plants are a must in every space because they add softness, as well as a sense of warmth and life. I found some fake eucalyptus plants from The Range and some black plant pots from Amazon (click here). I recommend grouping plants together to give an arrangement more visual impact.


    • Use decorative letters:  I’m all about being inspired and inspiring others, so ‘inspire’ is a word that resonates with every fibre of my being which is why I chose to incorporate it into my design. I bought some cardboard letters that spell ‘inspire’ from Hobbycraft and used a glue gun to join them together; the great thing about these letters is that you can paint them to suit your decor, but I chose to leave them unpainted for a neutral look. In summary, choose words that evoke an emotion within you and I guarantee that you will enjoy your space so much more.




    • Add mood lights: You would never know that I put some battery-operated fairy lights into the Moroccan lantern in the picture above. The fairy lights add a lovely mood light into the room when the main lights are turned off, and the lantern conceals the wires which are a few meters long. I love watching movies or reading books with mood lighting; it just creates the perfect atmosphere to relax in.

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    So, that’s all for now. I do hope that these tips give you inspiration to get creative and decorate the space above your kitchen cabinets. You deserve to live in a space that you enjoy.


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    How to decorate above kitchen cabinets



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