• Fall Outfit Ideas

    Fall Outfit Ideas


    So, I finally summoned the courage to do a fashion post…….. eeeekk! I LOVE clothes and I thoroughly enjoy the creative challenge of coming up with new outfits every day, but to be honest the thought of full-length photos of my body with a few extra COVID pounds was scary. I’m quite comfortable with headshots (I’ve been doing them for about 4 years now) but full body shots require a new level of posing skills, not to mention sucking-in for dear life (just keeping it real). But I decided to face my fears and continue the journey of acceptance of my not-so-perfect body. The truth is that there is no “perfect body” but society has placed impossible ideals on how a woman’s body should look, and if you don’t fit that mould one can feel sentenced to a life of shame. So, I’ve decided to put my body ‘out there’ in the hope of representing someone whose body is similar to mine; my message to you is that you don’t have to live in shame any longer.

    Anyway, back to the fashion: I usually update my wardrobe each season, so I wanted to share with you some Fall outfit ideas to inspire your next shopping trip. I’ve selected a few key pieces to help you create a capsule wardrobe that will provide you with outfits for all kinds of scenarios, be it a casual coffee with a friend or a fancy night out. You’ll probably notice that I didn’t include shoes in my pictures and this is because I simply didn’t have enough space for my camera lens in the room where I did my photoshoot; but these outfits would go well with flats, knee high boots, ankle boots, or heels. I’ve included all the outfit links below so that you can shop to your hearts content (and in some cases where the clothing item is no longer available, I have listed an alternative). By the way I wear a UK size 12 to 14, and a US size 8 to 10. Enjoy!

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    The Basics

    Fall Outfit Ideas


    I can guarantee that you will get the most wear out of these basic items in the next few months: a nice jumper (aka a sweater), a pair of jeans, a pair of leggings and a skirt. Apart from jeans I have kept all of these basics in black because they will match with almost anything else you currently have in your wardrobe, so you don’t have to worry about colour clashes.

    I usually buy my jeans these days from NEXT in the ‘Skinny High Rise’ style. The high waist is very flattering and it does have some built in bum support for a perkier behind – Yassssss! I chose a faux leather finish for my leggings and skirt (by the way leather is very popular this season) but you can just opt for a denim or synthetic fabric if you’re not into the leather look.

    Links: Jumper, Jeans, Leggings, Skirt 


    Add a blouse & a sleveless blazer

    Fall Outfit Ideas


    Black clothing can become monotonous, so to introduce some colour I chose a yellow & white printed blouse which I bought from H&M during the summer. Yes, summer blouses can be worn during fall but the key is to add an extra layer for warmth, so cue the long sleeveless blazer. Sleeveless blazers can be worn with casual and formal outfits so I think they are a worthwhile investment. I actually bought my blazer a couple of years ago, and I’m still finding similar styles in stores now which means that they never really go out of style.

    Links: Blouse (unfortunately no longer available but try options 1, 2, & 3); Sleeveless Blazer (try options 1, & 2)


    Add a Dress

    Fall Outfit Ideas

    Can you believe that I picked up this dress from Tesco?? At £15 it’s a steal! I would wear this dress with flats, heels or knee-high boots. I love the drop waist style, which is very flattering for most body shapes, and the colour is just perfect. Fall outfits don’t have to be only in muted colours, so have fun with colour – I believe colour is to be enjoyed all year round.

    To show you a different way to wear this dress I added a statement belt, which I’ve had for years, to cinch my waist and to change the silhouette of the dress. Statement belts are great additions to your wardrobe because they add variety and a personal stamp on your clothing. And if you ever buy an item of clothing that doesn’t fit perfectly around the waist, just add a statement belt and your problem is instantly solved!

    Links: Dress (unfortunately Tesco does not allow online purchases for clothes, so this dress can only be bought in-store; but here are some online alternatives: 12 & 3); Statement belt (try 1, 2, or 3)


    So have fun with your Fall wardrobe and if you’d like to see more posts like this then do let me know. x

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