• Easy Cake Decorating

    Easy Cake Decorating

    If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to decorate a cake but have no idea where to start then this post is for you. As I was grocery shopping in Aldi a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a pack of Chocolate Wheaties (also known as Shreddies) and I realised that Wheaties would be an inexpensive, quick and easy way to decorate a cake. I also experimented with some fake flowers and gold berries and……… it worked!! I’m so proud of how this cake turned out. Although my cake decorating skills are pretty rudimentary, it really looks like I bought it from a shop. I hope that this post inspires you to develop your cake decorating skills one step further – you never know what you can create until you try. (N.B. shopping links are at the end of the post)


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    You will need:

    • Cake (I baked 3 x 12 cm (i.e., 4.72 inches) diameter cakes and stacked them. I used a recipe from the Add A Pinch website; N.B. I halved the recipe)
    • Cake leveller
    • Cake board (I used a 5 inch round board)
    • Chocolate Buttercream icing (I used a great recipe, again from Add A Pinch (N.B. I halved the recipe), but you can also buy some icing if you prefer)
    • Cake scraper (or smoother)
    • Palette knife
    • Chocolate Wheaties ( Or Shreddies)
    • Fake or fresh flowers & leaves
    • Decorative gold berries



    Tip: use a cake leveller to cut the tops off each cake before you stack them. It helps to ensure that the final cake with be straight. You don’t want a leaning Tower of Pisa situation!

    How to get a perfect comb coat on your cake. N.B. You will need your palette knife and cake smoother/scraper for this step.

    Tip: You might need to break some Wheaties in half to get them fit snuggly around the perimeter of your cake. I hid the broken Wheaties at the back so that they weren’t so noticeable (it kind of looks like the seam of an item of clothing) .

    Tip: if you need to transport the cake to another location, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours first so that the butter cream hardens. This will prevent any of the decorations from falling off while you transport it.


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    Decorative Gold Berries  (I actually bought mine from The Range)

    Fake flowers

    Cake Leveller 

    Cake board

    Cake scraper

    Palette knife

    Chocolate Wheaties (Or Shreddies)

    Baking pan 12 cm diameter

    Cake Box 15 cm diameter


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    Easy cake decorating - Wheaties cake


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