• Hallway Decorating Ideas

    Hallway Decorating Ideas


    Hallway Decorating Ideas


    I thought I’d give you guys a peak into my hallway which I decorated at the start of this year. I initially wanted to paint my feature wall a mustard yellow colour but thankfully a trip to IKEA changed that idea; as I walked through the living room displays, I instantly fell in love with a grey and metallic geometric wallpaper and I knew that I HAD to have it. Let me talk you through how I achieved the final look and I hope that it provides you with some hallway decorating ideas for your next decorating project.

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    I’m someone who likes to have plan before I start a project, so I created a mood board to help me formalise my vision. I wanted a space that was contemporary, inviting, but also very functional. The main colours I used where grey, chocolate brown, rose gold and pink. To be honest, my original mood board wasn’t as detailed as what you see below, but it helped me to put all of my ideas together and ensure that the overall look of my hallway was actually going to work. When I went shopping, I wasn’t able to find all the items I originally wanted, so I had to improvise and change my plan a number of times. So, the moral of the story is to have a plan, but be flexible in how you execute it.

    In terms of function, I needed space to store coats, scarves, shoes, and of course my house keys. Therefore, a coat rack was essential, a shoe cabinet a was must, and I had a small bowl from my previous home which was perfect to store my keys and other small random items. I also needed a mirror because it’s highly important to check that my fly is closed before I rush out the door! He he he.




    Decorative Items

    This is the part I love the most because once I’d sorted out my storage needs, I was able to decorate to my hearts content. A friend had given me the white vase below as a Christmas present, so I thought it was perfect for displaying some faux flowers. And if anyone does bring me some real flowers (hint, hint) I can just replace them.


    I love Moroccan lanterns!!!! There’s just something about the intricate designs that is so elegant. I spent days hunting for a Moroccan lantern and finally I found one on the NEXT website. It’s the perfect size and I like that I can put candles inside it to provide a soft light for my hallway which gets a bit dark when the lights are off. I actually made the graphic below using Picmonkey; I found a quote that I liked, played with the layout of the words, printed out the quote on pink paper and then framed it – so easy! It’s really nice to be reminded to stay positive as I walk in and out of my hallway.


    I like giving each room in my flat a sense of authenticity and displaying my paintings is a great way to achieve this. I painted the canvas below years ago and as I was hanging up my artwork in my flat, I realised that the pink colour in the painting matched the colour scheme of my hallway perfectly! I really couldn’t have planned it any better if I tried. Sometimes things just come together unexpectedly and that’s one of the joys of decorating.


    Then there’s my mirror, which is both decorative and functional. I actually found it on Amazon and it was love at first sight. I love the rose gold colour and the texture of the frame. It matches my wall paper perfectly which helps bring the colour scheme of the hallway together.




    Finally, my railway station inspired clock. I found it at Dunelm and I was impressed at how affordable it was given its size. It was the perfect centrepiece to display above my shoe cabinet and it provides a focal point for my hallway. I truly have no excuse to be late with such a big clock, right??? …………Right.

    Hallway Decorating Ideas


    As usual the shopping links are below and I hope that you are inspired to transform your home into a place that you love.

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    Click on the linked gold titles and you will be redirected.

    Unfortunately, some items were not available online or not in stock when I wrote this post, but I’ve tried to list alternatives.


    Grey & Copper Wallpaper

    White Coat Rack (I actually bought mine from The Range, but this one is very similar)

    Shoe Cabinet

    Moroccan Lantern (Only the silver colour was available when I wrote this post)

    Rose Gold Photo frame (I bought mine from NEXT, but here’s a similar one from Amazon)

    Copper Mirror (Unfortunately this is currently out of stock, but try this alternative here)



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