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    These DIY scrabble coasters were inspired by a random bag of scrabble pieces that I picked up from The Range months ago. I have a habit of picking up random craft items with the hope of using them in the future. Sometimes I never use these random items, but this was one of those occasions where a sudden bolt of inspiration hit me from the heavens and I heard God himself say to me, “Emaese, it’s time you made some coasters. THIS is your moment!” I’m being sarcastic by the way! I’m truly not psychotic.

    I think these coasters would make a great house warming gift, a Christmas gift, or a gift for a scrabble enthusiast. I love the fact that you can spell whatever words you like, which means that you can personalise them with names or with a certain theme; I chose to spell the names of drinks, because what else am I going to use my coasters for?

    Anyways, keep on scrolling down for the instructions and as usual I’ll include some shopping links for you guys at the end of this post. Enjoy and get creative!

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    You will need:

    • Wooden Coasters (I bought mine from Hobby Craft and then painted them a metallic copper colour, but you can choose not to paint them)
    • Clear Spray Varnish for acrylic paint (you only need this if you choose to paint your coasters. It creates a transparent seal for the acrylic paint and protects it)
    • Scrabble pieces
    • A glue gun
    • Wood Varnish (I got mine from B&Q. I chose a matt interior wood varnish in the colour ‘Apple Wood’, but feel free to experiment with different colours and finishes of varnish)
    • A small paint brush




    1. Paint your coasters, if you wish, with acrylic paint but this is optional.  I applied 2 coats of paint and then left them to dry for a few hours. Then once the paint was dry, I applied the clear spray varnish to the coasters and left them to dry overnight.



    2. Arrange your scrabble pieces on your coasters to spell whatever words you like. I decided to use a pencil to mark where my three top scrabble pieces would sit. I stuck these pieces down first with a glue gun and then it was easier to stick the rest of my scrabble pieces below this first row in an organised fashion.


    3. Using the paintbrush apply the wood varnish only to the scrabble pieces but not to the painted coasters otherwise you’ll change their colour. However, if you chose not to paint your coasters you can apply the wood varnish to them as well. Wait an hour for the first coat of varnish to dry before applying a second coat. Leave the coasters to dry at least overnight before you start using them. That’s it!




    Wooden coasters from Hobby Craft



    Ronseal Interior Varnish – Apple Wood 


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