DIY Felt coasters

    I was flicking through a Crafts Beautiful Magazine the other day and stumbled upon a picture of the cutest coasters made with felt balls. I fell in love immediately and promptly decided to learn how to make them. I made a trip to Hobbycraft, by the way whenever I enter Hobbycraft I get sooo excited!!! My eyes literally sparkle, my heart beats that little bit quicker and I smile like a crazed minion; I just want to buy everything!! My mind literal goes wild with endless creative possibilities – can you tell that Hobbycraft is one of my happy places??

    Anyways, after I got home I realised that I’d bought pompoms and not felt balls; an internal scream followed shortly after when I realised that my dreams of creating felt-ball coasters had come to a grinding halt. I didn’t have time for another shopping trip so I decided to invent my own coasters. I used some buttons and spike cone studs that I already had and I’m quite happy with how they turned out. Sometimes not having the right materials can be a blessing in disguise – it only pushes you to be more creative.

    These DIY felt coasters are so easy to make and they add fun splashes of colour to any room. I think they would be the perfect gift for someone who has moved into a new house or someone who loves to drink tea. Use your creativity to embellish them as you wish; I’d love to see what you come up with so feel free to send me pictures. Have a look below for the instructions and I’ve also put shopping links at the end of this post. I hope you enjoy making them!

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    You’ll need:

    Felt sheets in any colour that you like

    Matching sewing thread

    Sewing needle

    Insulated wadding or very thick interfacing (approximately 24cm square)


    Spike cone studs

    Glue gun


    Tailor’s chalk

    Dressmaking pins


    1. Use a circular object and tailor’s chalk to mark 2 circles on a piece of felt and then cut them out (I used a small plastic tub as my stencil but, you can also use a coaster).
    2. Mark and cut 1 smaller circle from the insulated wadding or thick interfacing. This circle should be at least 1 cm smaller than the felt circles.
    3. For the studded coaster: Arrange 8 spike cone studs on one felt circle approximately 1 cm from the edge of the circle. Use tailor’s chalk or a pen to mark where you want each stud to go. Attach the studs to the felt using a glue gun or a needle and thread.
    4. For the button coaster:  Arrange several small buttons on the perimeter of a felt circle to get an idea of how many you need. Then use a glue gun to stick each button to the felt leaving a small gap between the edge of the felt circle and each button.
    5. For both coasters the following steps are exactly the same: Assemble the coaster by placing the second felt circle on the bottom, a piece of wadding/interfacing in the middle, and then the piece of felt with the studs or buttons attached on top.
    6. Pin all three layers together and then blanket stitch around the edge of the circle. Click here for a short tutorial on how to blanket stitch – it’s very easy. But if you don’t feel like hand sewing you can use a sewing machine or glue. That’s all folks!


    DIY Felt coasters

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    DIY Felt coasters












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    1. Ajay
      27th October 2017 / 4:25 pm

      They are so cute!!!! I want to make them!! wanted to buy new coasters but may just make some now.

      • MSA
        27th October 2017 / 7:36 pm

        Thanks Ajay! You should definitely give them a go. They are super easy and you can buy felt in a colour that suits your decor.

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