Introducing look 2 of my 3 part series on bridal makeup: Nigerian Bridal Makeup. If there’s one word to describe traditional Nigerian weddings it would be COLOUR! Nigerians love colour and this is a reflection of the vibrancy of the people and of the culture as a whole. Traditional weddings are also known as the ‘engagement’ ceremony; they usually take place the night before the white wedding (i.e., a church service where the bride wears a white dress) and they are full of dancing, drama and lots of fun.

    If the bride is from the Yoruba tribe she usually will wear an outfit made of Aso-Oke, a heavy, handwoven fabric. The outfit consists of a gele (head wrap/tie), a blouse and a wrapper (which is a longer piece of Aso-Oke wrapped around the lower half of her body), and a feathered fan to keep her cool, of course. There is no rule as to what colour of Aso-Oke to wear, but the grooms outfit will usually match that of the bride. Large statement jewellery is a must. The bride must also have a show stopping gele to crown her outfit. Being able to tie a gele is a great skill and people with this skill are highly sought after to perform this task. I’ve never tied a gele by myself so I was quite daunted as I stared at the meters of Aso-Oke on the floor of my room. Despite my pounding heart I psyched myself up with lots of positive statements like, I CAN do this and, This will NOT defeat me, and then I watched a few YouTube videos (LOL!). After 3 attempts over 2 hours, I emerged triumphant with a layer of sweat on my skin. Just a word of warning: tie your gele before you put on your makeup, because it’s like a workout session at the gym!! I’m very proud of this accomplishment – it was no simple feat for a novice.

    Nigerian bridal makeup is usually quite dramatic and the colours are dictated by the colour of the Aso-Oke worn by the bride. Just think of an evening makeup look on steroids – glitter, smokey eyes, cut creases and bold winged eyeliner are all acceptable. Since my Aso-Oke was deep purple, I chose a pink and purple colour scheme for my makeup. I created a pink and purple smokey eye and used a lot of black gel eyeliner to define my eyes. I exaggerated the eyeliner around my tear ducts to make the look more intense and to elongate my eyes – this technique is reminiscent of Arabic eye makeup. I then applied false lashes, a very dramatic pair of course!  I used MAC’s blush in Raizin, which is a reddish brown colour; it’s my go-to blush when I’m wearing a lot of colour on my face and just need a bit of warmth on my skin. I topped off the look with a vibrant purple lipstick, MAC’s Violetta, which has a very shiny finish.

    Once the look was complete I had to do a double take when I looked at myself in the mirror; I caught a glimpse of my mother staring back at me! It brought back childhood memories of seeing her get all dressed up in traditional Nigerian clothes. I recalled how regal she looked and how she held herself with such dignity.  To me, she was so beautiful and I wanted to be just like her. So, Mum I dedicate this makeup look to you and I believe you would be smiling down on me from heaven.

    Sorry to get so sentimental…..emotions catch you off guard sometimes. I do hope that you are as fascinated as I am about the interpretation of bridal beauty across different cultures. I believe it’s something that should be honoured and celebrated. Stay tuned for look 3, my final look where I’ll be showcasing a traditional western bridal look. Enjoy the pictures below and as usual all the shopping links are at the end of this post.

    Image result for dancing black gril emoticon

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    Here’s a list of the products I used to create my Nigerian Bridal Makeup Look:


    MAC Eyeshadow, Embark 

    L.A. Girl Cosmetics PRO Conceal HD Concealer, Toast 8 g


    L.A. Girl Cosmetics PRO Conceal HD Concealer, Toast 8 g

    MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, Dark Deep

    Inglot Matte Eyeshadows, 301 & 296 (transition colours)

    Inglot Eyeshadow AMC Shine, 48 (main eyelid)

    Inglot Matte Eyeshadow, 298 & KIKO Eyeshadow, 295  (outer eyelids) * this KIKO eyeshadow is sold out so use any matte black eyeshadow

    Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel, 77

    L’oreal Telescopic Extra-Black Mascara

    Eylure Luxe Mink Effect Lashes, Gilded  *unfortunately this lash only available in the USA at the moment

    Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive Dark 5ml


    Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector 40ml

    L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Hd High Definiton Concealer 0.28 Oz #990 Orange (colour corrector)

    MAC Studio Fix Fluid, NW 55

    MAC Prolongwear concealer, NW45

    Ben Nye Translucent Powder, Topaz (to set areas highlighted with concealer)

    MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, Dark Deep

    MAC Blush, Raizin

    Inglot Matte Eyeshadow, 298 (face contour)

    KIKO Infinity Eyeshadow, 235 (nose contour)

    Inglot HD Highlighter Trio 102, Pink Colour (face highlighter)

    Embryolisse Eau de Beaute Rosamelis (Flower Essence Toner) (to set makeup)


    Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector,  01 Rose Shimmer

    MAC Lip Pencil, Nightmoth

    MAC Lipstick, Violetta

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    P.S. For more makeup looks check out my Facebook page and Instagram.

    Also, don’t forget to subscribe: insert your name & email below, then click the ‘subscribe’ button:

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    1. Nguseer
      28th April 2017 / 10:19 pm

      I love it! I’m so booking you for my bridal makeup! Wait! I’m already married! Noooooo!!! Just kidding!
      You really smashed it with this one; Your mother would be very proud. You look gorgeous, wearing it all with such ease like its what you were made to do! I always go for black, white or brown, but even I am moved to desire being apparelled and made up in such bright colours! Stupendous!

      • MSA
        29th April 2017 / 10:30 am

        LOL, Thanks sooo much!! I appreciate the feedback. It was a challenge creating this ‘look’ but thank God it came together in the end. I think you would look great in bright colours, so give them a go. Thanks girl. xx

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