How to look good in photos

    How to look good in photos

    How to look good in photos

    I was hired by the lovely Qian (pronounced ‘Chen’) to create some portraits which she needed for the website of her business. I did her makeup first and then took a series of pictures both indoors and outdoors.  I must say that Qian is quite photogenic and I can’t help but smile when I look through the photos from our shoot – she was a pleasure to work with. She is a beautiful person and had lovely skin, so I didn’t have to work too hard to ‘glam her up’. Since most of her pictures were going to be used for business purposes I created a daytime makeup look using pink and plum shades on her eyelids; I kept the contouring under her cheekbones quite soft and finished off the look with a nude lipstick that had coral undertones.

    I realised after our photoshoot that people want nice looking pictures of themselves but don’t really know how to achieve this consistently. I’ve often heard people complain that they don’t look good in photos, but I’m a firm believer that even the most un-photogenic person can learn some tips to improve the way they look in pictures.  So to help you get pictures that you will love, I decided to compile 5 ‘How to look good in photos’ tips that you can use the next time you get your pictures taken. Have a look at my tips below and slay your next photoshoot or selfie session like a beast!

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    1. On Fleek Grooming

    For those of you wondering what ‘On Fleek’ is, according to the Oxford dictionary, it means ‘extremely good, attractive, or stylish’. So on fleek grooming involves getting your eyebrows shaped, your hair done, your nose hairs clipped and your fingernails manicured, at the very least. You want photos that capture you at your best and the subtle details all work together to create a good finished product. Eyebrows help frame your face and make a huge difference when groomed, so consider threading, waxing or plucking; and if your screw them up, invest in a good eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps. But go easy when you fill in your eyebrows because you don’t want to look angry!

    MSA Makeup, How to look good in photos

    2. Miracle Skin Prep

    Do moisturise your skin and lips regardless of whether you choose to wear makeup or not for your photoshoot. A camera can be quite unforgiving when it comes to dry patches, so hydrated skin is essential and will also make you look more youthful. I also recommend a light dusting of translucent powder all over your face to cut down on shine because you don’t want your skin to look too oily either. And yes, men can benefit from a little bit of translucent powder too – it’s common practice for men who are on television or on photo shoots, so don’t think that powdering one’s nose is just for the ladies.


    3. Bangin’ Makeup

    This is the one time that your makeup needs to be on point if you choose to wear some. Do think about the image you want to project when you select your makeup. If your pictures are needed for work in a corporate environment, then I suggest wearing a soft makeup look with neutral eyeshadows and nude lipsticks – this will always look professional and classy. Blue or green eyeshadow paired with a red lipstick would be out of place in the corporate world, but if you are an artist or fashion stylist then such a strong look may be perfect. If in doubt, hire a makeup artist and share your vision with them beforehand.

    4. A Hot, Hot Outfit

    Just kidding…. you don’t want to look too hot otherwise you might attract the wrong sort of attention – miniskirts and cleavage popping tops are just not always appropriate. What I mean is that you should select an outfit that you feel and look amazing in – you should literally feel like a million bucks in your outfit. Neutral tones always work best and don’t date as fast. Remember, you want pictures that you can use for years without cringing whenever you look at them. So for business or formal pictures consider wearing a neutral coloured blazer (e.g., blue, brown, grey or black) with a white T-shirt or blouse. Avoid outfits with big patterns or very loud colours – no fluorescent yellow pleaaaseee!! For my makeup shots, if I want a subdued look I usually choose an outfit that has similar colours to my makeup, or if I want a more dramatic look then I choose an outfit with colours that are opposite to my makeup (i.e. opposite on the colour wheel).

    5. A Killer Pose

    It can be very intimidating being in front of a camera, not to mention looking at bright lights and having a photographer staring intently at you. One can feel like a miniscule ant under a microscope. A good photographer should always make you feel comfortable, but it’s also good for you to bring your ‘A’ game to a photoshoot so that you can slay in every shot.  It’s good to know what your best side is or whether you look slightly drunk when you over-smile. I highly recommend practising in front of a mirror to get an idea of what poses work best and what angles flatter your face the most. The selfie function on your phone is great for this and when I’ve got some spare time I practice posing, and then analyse my shots to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s not that I’m being vain, it’s just a way of ensuring that when I’m at a photoshoot I can confidently strike a pose in seconds that I’ll be happy with. Oh, and no duck lips please – it’s just not a good look (smh).

    If you struggle with fake smiling, then try to think of a happy memory or your favourite person in order to produce a more natural smile. Remember, your body language will convey what you are thinking, so for example, if you think confident thoughts then you will look confident. And it’s ok to fake it…..if you see any shots of me laughing it’s usually because I’m laughing at a blank wall!

    Well, I hope that you have gained some useful tips from this post to help you approach your next photoshoot with a bit more confidence. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t succeed at first, just keep practicing and remember, even famous models have to practice in order to look amazing in pictures.

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    P.S. For more makeup looks check out my Facebook page and Instagram.

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    1. 20th March 2017 / 11:30 am

      She looks so stunning indeed!! And that make up, so pretty. Personally, I don’t like standing in front of the cam though… I feel so awkward, don’t really know which angles work best for me. I just feel better not being in photos, strange maybe. πŸ˜€ Have a good week lovely! Oh, and I’ll mention you in a post this week, stay tuned!!
      xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com

      • MSA
        22nd March 2017 / 12:54 pm

        Hi! So sorry for the delay in responding. Your comment went into the wrong folder unfortunately. I’m glad you liked the makeup. Qian is indeed stunning! I’ll check out your blog now.xxx

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