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    Great makeup starts with great skin, so it’s important to have good skin care products that cater to the needs of your skin. I’ve been a loyal customer of The Body Shop for many years; they produce so many good quality products, they have a great customer rewards programme, and their business model is ethical and sustainable – what’s not to love? Over the years I’ve grown to love certain products and I’ve recently discovered some new ones which I wanted to share. So check out my review below, and the next time you’re out shopping for beauty products consider trying some from The Body Shop (by the way this is not a sponsored post).


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    My skin became very dry a few years ago when I moved to Hertfordshire, so I went through a stage of trying non-drying shower gels. I tried The Body Shop’s shower gel and loved it! I discovered that it’s actually soap-free which means it’s less drying than traditional shower gels. I love the way it lathers up when it comes in contact with water and my skin is left with a nice, but not overpowering scent. I use it every day and can’t imagine showering without it. You can also use it in the bath if you prefer a good soak. I’ve only taken a picture of the Mango shower gel, but it comes in many other scents; my other favourites are ‘Satsuma’ and ‘Olive Oil’. These shower gels look so nice in my shower and they give my bathroom a spa-like look.


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    I picked up this Vitamin E Cream Cleanser a few months ago in desperation because my usual cleanser (Ponds Cold Cream) had finished and I needed a cleanser that very day. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed. It felt very cool and calming when I applied it to my face and I was able to easily remove this cleanser with a moist cotton pad. I like using this cleanser when I haven’t worn makeup or when my skin feels dry or irritated, because it’s really gentle and doesn’t strip my skin. I wouldn’t recommend using this cleanser on its own if you’ve worn a lot of makeup because although it will remove a good proportion of the makeup, traces of it are still left behind (I tend to use my Clarisonic and a soapy cleanser to remove any leftover makeup).


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    I discovered this product about a month ago and I’ve been sooooo impressed! I absolutely love it! The oil has a very silky feel and a nice scent. I massage 3 to 4 pumps of it onto my face and it dissolves ALL my makeup and then I simply rinse it off.  When I say it takes off all my makeup I mean it removes every single trace of makeup and even waterproof mascara! It leaves my skin feeling super moisturised and a bit on the oily side, but because I use it at bedtime I don’t mind the dewy look. Some people find this cleanser a bit messy because the oil can drip when you put it in your hands, but if you cleanse over a sink and rinse the sink afterwards it should be fine. This cleansing oil outperforms all other makeup removing products that I have tried so far. I can’t rave about this product enough. It’s worth every penny and if you’re someone that wears a lot of makeup then this cleanser is for you. It’s listed as a best seller on The Body Shop’s website so that should convince you of how good it is.


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    I have oily skin but as I’ve gotten older (sigh!), I’ve begun to get some dry patches on my face during the winter months.  I started using this Intense moisture cream a few years ago during winter and I love the way it makes my skin feel well moisturized but not greasy. I usually use this cream at night because if I use it during the day it makes my skin a bit too shiny; but if you have dry skin you could use it both day and night. This cream also comes in a lighter formulation – VITAMIN E moisture cream – and I use this version in the summer months when my skin needs less moisture. It truly is one of my favourite facial moisturisers and it’s worth every penny. To be honest, all products from The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range are awesome, so if you’re someone who likes all your products to come from one range then I would recommend that you try it.


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    These drops are one of the best additions to my makeup kit in the past 2 years! By adding a few drops of either the lightening or darkening formulation, I can customize any foundation to match my skin tone or that of my clients. The brilliant pigment technology in these shade adjusting drops ensure that they only change the colour of your foundation but not the consistency – how cool is that? They have been my saviour when I’ve brought a foundation home and realised that it’s not quite the perfect match. My skin gets darker in the summer and lighter during winter, so these shade adjusting drops mean that I can wear the same foundation shade all year round. Also, by using these drops you only need one foundation to highlight and contour with instead of using 3 different products!!!! Yay!! They are truly one of the best and most versatile inventions of The Body Shop. My only teeny tiny complaint is that the droppers need to be improved because it can take a few attempts before I’m able to squeeze out a drop. Have a look at the picture below to see how I’ve changed the shade of my usual foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW 55 (to illustrate my point I have exaggerated the colours by adding more drops than I would usually use).


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    So give The Body Shop products a try and see what you think of them. Also, consider getting a loyalty card because you get lots of discounts and a free birthday gift worth £5.00 during your birthday month. Hmm, let me share with you a little secret: I regularly go to The Galleria Outlet Shopping Mall, Hatfield, which has a The Body Shop Outlet store – you can get 35 to 40% off products depending how much you buy which is a great saving. So consider a trip to Hatfield and stock up on The Body Shop products.


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