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    Can you believe that we have just over 3 months until Christmas!! It really hit me when I saw Christmas hampers displayed at Costco a few weeks ago. This just year seems to have flown by incredibly quickly! I decided to be very nerdy and start planning my Christmas shopping now. I really enjoy giving Christmas gifts to people that are nicely wrapped because it just makes a gift appear that little bit more special. Each year I try to come up with different gift wrapping ideas, so I found these cute pyramid paper boxes on a craft blog called Lines Across and decided to make them. They are the perfect size for little gifts such as jewellery, sweets, or gift cards; plus you can use them as decorations on table settings, book shelves, mantelpieces or on Christmas trees. They are pretty easy to make, so if you’re looking for a quick creative project then making these pyramid boxes might just keep you entertained for a few hours. Have a look at the instructions below or you can click here.


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    1. You will need a ruler, stiff paper or card, a pencil, scissors, ribbon and a hole puncher.
    2. On a piece of paper first draw a square, I chose to make mine 6cm x 6cm but you can make this bigger or smaller depending on how big you want your box to be. Then draw a triangle on each side of the square (I made the height of my triangle 6cm so that the sides of the box will be similar in size to the base, but you can make them taller if you wish). Then use a curved object (like the edge of some sellotape) to draw curved lines from the corners of the square to the tips of each triangle. You can also download out a template here and print it if you don’t want to draw your template.
    3. Cut out the template for the pyramid box and you can use the scraps as a stencil to create more boxes.
    4. Use the blunt edge of a scissors to score along all the pencil lines, but try not to go through the full thickness of the paper/card.
    5. Create holes at the tips of each triangle with a hole puncher.
    6. Fold along all of the scored lines and bend the triangles upwards to form a box. Fill the box with whatever you choose, and thread a length of ribbon through the holes to seal it.

    So now you can give gifts to your family and friends and boast about the fact that you made the gift box too!

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