Photo taken by Goffin Photography

    Photo taken by Goffin Photography

    I have some incredibly exciting news!!! I have been nominated for an award – Diversified Medic of the Year –  by an organisation called Medic Footprints. Medic Footprints focuses on the alternative careers and the wellbeing of doctors, and they celebrate doctors who have ‘thought outside the box’. They are hosting an event called ‘Alternative Careers and Wellbeing For Doctors’ in London on the 1st of October 2016; this event will give recognition to doctors who have achieved great things within the medical profession, as well as providing opportunities for doctors to diversify their careers. The fact that I am a doctor, run this blog, and do lots of other creative things is why I have been nominated for this award. I am still shocked by this because I never expected it.

    So, to vote for me and to learn more about the Alternative Careers and Wellbeing Awards, go to http://acw.medicfootprints.org/acw-awards-finalists/; look for my picture under the ‘Diversified Medic of the Year’ section and click on it to vote for me (you may need to swipe until my picture comes up). Alternatively, you can go straight to http://acw.medicfootprints.org/dr-emaese-jegede/ to vote for me. Results will be announced on the 1st of October 2016 and I will definitely let you know the outcome. Even if I don’t win, I am just so happy to have been nominated and I hope that this inspires other people to diversify their lives. Also, check out the other doctors and companies who have been nominated and vote for them – what they have achieved is incredible and deserves recognition!

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    Photo taken by Goffin Photography

    Before I decided to launch this blog I was so full of fear. I worried about what people would think of a doctor doing makeup, photography, arts and crafts, etc. I wondered if anyone would read my blog. I worried, I wondered and I worried some more. Eventually, I decided that I didn’t want to get to the end of my life and ask the question, “What if I had done it?” I am so glad now that I had the courage to step out in faith and follow my crazy dreams. I feel so fulfilled and these days I often catch myself smiling for no reason at all. I finally discovered that I needed more creativity in my life because although I enjoyed being a doctor, the creative side of me felt starved and was desperate for an outlet. Please, please, don’t give in to fear because it will rob you from achieving your dreams. ‘Do it afraid’ and see what happens…..you may be surprised at what your future holds.

    Thank you all so so much for all your support. I appreciate every single one of you that have visited this blog, followed me on social media, commented on my posts and encouraged me in so many different ways. I am eternally grateful for my supportive family and friends (especially Liz who put my name forward for this award) who believed in me and encouraged me to be myself – I couldn’t have come this far without them (I’m tearing up now….and fanning my face, literally). Words really can’t express my gratitude. I am ridiculously blessed!

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    Photo taken by Goffin Photography


    THANK YOU!!!


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