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    I attended a great portrait shoot in a garden in Waterloo, London, a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful summer’s day, I had a great model, I was among other budding photographers and I was so inspired! I used my 50 mm f1.8 Lens for the entire shoot and I really enjoyed it. I realised that I need to use it more often when doing portraits because it does such a great job of blurring out the background as you focus on your subject. I liked the yellow colour of the shirt my model was wearing and how it complemented the surrounding foliage.

    To be honest, my decision to attend this photoshoot was very last minute. I thought of all the reasons why I shouldn’t go, why I didn’t have the time to go, why I had more important things to do, etc (it was a very long list). I eventually made up my mind to attend this shoot around midnight the night before. Within five minutes of starting to take pictures I realised that I had made such a good decision! I would have missed out on a great opportunity to develop my skills, meet new people and build my portfolio. I learnt that sometimes last minute decisions are the best ones; and secondly, don’t miss opportunities to develop your creativity – you may never get them again!


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