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    I met this girl whilst doing some street photography on Brick Lane, London, last year. I first noticed her lipstick colour and asked her what shade it was (of course I intended to add it to my ever growing collection!). I was struck by her beauty and asked to take her picture; in my mind she was a perfect example of what snow white would have looked like in the modern world. She honestly did not believe that she was beautiful and I was so saddened by this. But I realised that often we do not see our own beauty because we are either comparing ourselves to others or focusing on our flaws. Wherever this girl is right now my hope is that she accepts who she is, flaws and all, and knows deep within her how beautiful she is.


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    1. 15th May 2016 / 6:57 pm

      Lovely pictures! I love the framing and the look of the eyes. The eyes are indeed the window to the soul. Has she modelled before?

      I’ve been meaning to take a weekend trip to the east end to do some street photography. I grew up less than half a mile from Brick Lane. Maybe we can get a group together and arrange something over the summer?

      Keep the images coming!

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