Painted By Emaese Jegede

    I learned how to paint during my high school years which I spent in Australia. The highest grade I got in art class was an A-  despite my best efforts. I felt I wasn’t talented enough when I compared myself to the other students in my class who would get A+’s with little effort. So in grade 10 I decided quit art and major in the sciences, because I knew that at least in Biology I would get a very easy ‘A’ with minimal effort. I didn’t paint for many years after high school until a good friend saw some of my doodles and recognised my artistic abilities; she encouraged me to paint again. As I began to paint without worrying about being assessed, I rediscovered my love for creativity.

    Painting is a form of therapy for me. I feel so peaceful when I paint and I love getting lost in the creative process of bringing a concept within me to life. I’m not the most skilled artist out there and I don’t paint because I want my artwork to be hung in the Louvre. I simply paint because it feels so so good! I encourage you to paint like no one’s watching and just enjoy the  process – there is such freedom in this.

    For a long time I knew that I wanted to paint an angel but I wanted to depict one that was different from the more traditional portrayals of angels. I was inspired by superheroes such as the X-men who have unusual abilities that make them a force of great good. Thus my angel looks very futuristic and colourful. I painted him to be like a flash of light amidst a sea of darkness. Angels remind me that I am never alone and never without help.

    I am always interested to hear what other people see in my paintings  because their perspective is often very different to mine. A friend said that this painting was an illustration of someone who had gained the courage to take flight and overcome their fears. I thought that this was a beautiful perspective and it caused me to see my painting in a new way.

    What do you see?


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    1. glen
      9th May 2016 / 1:48 pm

      I love it when one explores their talent. This is a beautifully angel.

      • MSA
        9th May 2016 / 11:29 pm

        Thanks so much Glen!!

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